Partner Rewards Program

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Partner Rewards Program

Post by Gabriel on Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:21 pm

We recently launched the YourDailyLaughz Partner Rewards Program to give back to our Partners after they reach amazing goals and achievements! We hope to see you reach the milestones soon.

What are the rewards and achievements?
There are two categories, subscribers and views


  1. 1,000,000 Monthly views = $50 Cash Bonus
  2. 10,000,000 Monthly views = $300 Cash Bonus
  3. 20,000,000 Monthly views = $1,000 Cash Bonus


  1. 10,000 subscribers = $10 Cash Bonus
  2. 25,000 subscribers = $25 Cash Bonus
  3. 50,000 subscribers = $50 Cash Bonus

How do I qualify?

Partners must abide by YouTube's Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and any other contractual agreements with YourDailyLaughz or Bent Pixels to be able to participate in the program and to be eligible for a reward the Partner must achieve one of the achievements shown above and be in guidance with the YourDailyLaughz Partner Rewards Terms and Conditions.

I qualify!

Congratulations, if you're thinking you need to tell us then you are wrong! We frequently check our Partners channels specially the ones we see growing at fast rates and we check all our Partners channels before we collect our Networks statistics. We will contact YOU! If you recently suppressed one of the achievements above be on the look out for a email from as you will have to claim your Reward before we will send it! Be sure to add the above email address to your contact list so it won't go to your spam folder.

I don't qualify Sad
Don't worry, keep creating great content and work your way up there! Keep in mind that we may introduce other Rewards or new achievements, goals or milestones for smaller creators in the soon future.

How do I claim my Reward?
Please read the e-mail we sent you for instructions on how to properly claim your Reward.

YourDailyLaughz Partner Rewards Terms and Conditions

participants must strictly fall under these terms and conditions of the program in order to qualify for your reward. Partners may not be eligible for the listed reward if they do not comply with these terms at any given time.

Partners may not be eligible for a Reward if the user account ("Channel") suppresses one of the achievements listed above before January 1, 2013 and any reached achievements using a, Bot, Service or Program to increase numbers ("Views"), ("Subscribers") or any other YouTube feature or service. Partners must also comply with the general restrictions and policies on YouTube including, Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and Partner Program Policies. Partners must own all of the visible content on the user account ("Channel") or either proven evidence that appropriate licencing, permissions or rights belong to you and the content you uploaded to your user account. The Reward may only be redeemed once for that achievement, you are still eligible for the higher rewards after you have already claimed the other rewards available to your user account. You will automatically be illegible for new rewards added if the achievement amount is lower than the current amount on your Channel after the introduction of the new reward. In addition to the above, the user account formally known as the "Partner" must be with the YourDailyLaughz Network for a minimum of 60 days. If the "Partner" does meet the achievement and became a partner less than 60 days ago from the date of reaching the achievement the "Partner" will not be eligible to claim.

Partners that are eligible must claim the Reward via the email YourDailyLaughz Partner Support ("") sent to your user account e-mail address within 60 days or the Reward will expire and may not be redeemed after the date specified in the e-mail. Claimed Rewards are paid on the 15th of the next month after the Partner claims the reward, If the 15th falls on a weekend, the reward will be paid on the following business day. Any missing reward payments must be reported within 14 days from the payment date or the reward may expire without notice. Payments are paid via PayPal to the PayPal e-mail address on file with YourDailyLaughz.

The YourDailyLaughz Partner Rewards Program may be altered, changed, updated or withdrawn at any time without notice. New rewards may be introduced or withdrawn in the future and the program's Terms and Conditions may be changed. For concerns, issues or reports of the Reward Program please contact

Program Temporary Termination
The Partner Rewards program has been temporary discontinued as of June 1, 2013 until further notice.
Shh.. staff is here
Shh.. staff is here

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