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Copyright Management Services

Post by Gabriel on Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:34 pm

YourDailyLaughz cares about your content and we don't want others benefiting from using your original content! Introducing our Copyright Management of your works you can easily submit copies of your videos from other users on YouTube.

How do I start?
To use our Copyright Services, you must have a commercial partnership with YourDailyLaughz including the contractual Content Provider Agreement with Bent Pixels.

To start using our Copyright Services please see the appropriate links listed below

YourDailyLaughz YouTube Content Identification Services
Large copyright holders or creators who wish to Monetize or Block videos automatically via the YouTube CID system may apply for this service.

YourDailyLaughz Content Removal Program  (CRP)
Rights holders with on-going management needs may apply for CRP for faster removals and a personal contact to report to.

YourDailyLaughz Removal Form
For basic copyright holders and small creators.

If you need help regarding any of our Copyright services, please email us at
Shh.. staff is here
Shh.. staff is here

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